“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway

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By: Rosie's Creative LLC On: February 12, 2014 In: Rosie's Creative

Forward Hi, there. My name is Rosie and I’m the owner of Rosie’s Creative, LLC. I don’t typically write commentary on personal musings, so this blog post will one of very few. Despite my aversion to sharing personal stories, I feel it is important to support and empower other...

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By: Rosie's Creative LLC On: January 24, 2014 In: Rosie's Creative

In a conversation with a recent client, the owner of Rosie’s Creative – Rosie – was renamed “Brosie”. Why? The client was most appreciative of the extra work and dedication Rosie had applied to the job. So much so, in fact, that rather than being referred to as an...

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By: admin On: January 23, 2014 In: Rosie's Creative

The ability to effectively communicate an opinion on design, art, music, or other abstract concept has eluded human language for centuries. While Americans simply say we “love” everything – pizza, Lady GaGa, children, puppies, and so one – the Greeks developed specific words to describe specific kinds of love...

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