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“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.”Dan Patterson

Video Marketing

Reach Your Target Audience

In the constantly evolving world of online marketing, video is fast becoming an indispensable tool for allowing businesses to reach their customers and establish their brand. Businesses that use video for online marketing are reaping the rewards, and those that do not use video yet know that they need to get on the train. Here at Rosie’s Creative, we understand the importance of video as a marketing tool. We can help you to unleash the power of video to help your business grow.

Why Add Video to Online Marketing?

Why should your business add video to its online marketing strategy? Because video is a fantastic medium for telling the story of your business while connecting with your customers on an emotional level. A smartly conceived and skillfully executed video marketing campaign can strengthen customer attention and engagement, and help to frame your business as an industry leader by projecting an image of competence and professionalism.

A well implemented video marketing campaign can do more than just make your business look good. It can also provide a big boost to search engine optimization, a key component in any online marketing strategy – making it more likely for potential customers to find your business in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Rosie’s Creative can help you to incorporate video into your SEO strategy, and can also perform SEO for videos specifically.

Powerful. Emotional. Response.

Video marketing is so much more than simple web ads. Rosie’s Creative can assist your business by producing HD quality web videos of all kinds, including tutorials, testimonials, product demonstrations, video blogs, product or concept reveals, and more. Let Rosie’s Creative help your business tell the world its story – using the power of video.

Did You Know? Video Stats for 2017

– Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rate
– Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
– YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year
– Full page ads w/ video boost engagement by 22%
– 64% of users who view a product video are more likely to buy online
– 90% of users say that product videos influence their buying decision

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