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“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.” – Shirley Polykoff


Make Yourself Known

In the world of the marketing, you can’t go wrong with great content. Content can be the difference between a highly successful marketing campaign, or its utter failure. Content, or the text and images associated with your marketing collateral, communicates your message to your audience. It speaks about your business, product, service, or organization. It illustrates value and purpose by combining the right pictures with the right words, to help your persuade customers to make the best buying decision.


How Do You Get Great Content?

Well, for images it’s fairly simple – you can hire a photographer, hire a graphic designer, or purchase stock images online. For copy (or text), it’s not so simple – you can either write it yourself or hire a copywriter.

When selecting images, you know almost immediately if a picture or design will work for your marketing campaign. It’s instinctive and universal – everyone knows what they like visually. It comes down to a matter of taste. Sure, there are some industry standards that can be used to evaluate an image – like composition, for example – but even those standards are pliable.

When it comes to copy writing, finding great content to verbally describe your business, product, or service is much more challenging. Copy writing requires a combination of skills – great written voice, grammatical accuracy, technical proficiency, an understanding of SEO and more. Beyond just skill, copy writing requires time – something a lot of us just don’t have. The time it takes to write, draft, and re-draft a marketing message can be quite daunting.

We Write for Modern Marketing

At Rosie’s Creative, we know how crucial copy writing is for today’s marketers. Sending the wrong message online can lead to instant losses, while the right message can generate big gains. Beyond just writing, copy writing requires a deep understanding of the product or service in question and how that message affects audiences on social media, websites, search engines, and emails. It’s not enough to just write for a website anymore – true copy should be adaptable to multiple environments.

Rosie’s Creative takes the time to know, understand, and evaluate your marketing message. We take ownership of the product or service you wish to market, and foster a marketing campaign with a strong copy writing foundation. Whether it’s a simple email or a multi-page booklet, the value of your copy writing can not be understated.

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