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A Crash Course in Online Retail

Getting Started with E-Commerce & Online Retail Sales

For brands looking to boost their profile and connect with customers in this digitally connected age, building a top-notch online presence has always been a mission critical task, with a robust investment in e-commerce as a vital cornerstone.

But now, as the coronavirus pandemic shutters brick-and-mortar businesses, sending a surge of customers to the web for everything from entertainment to everyday staples, e-commerce has taken on greater importance than ever before – and businesses that have lagged behind in establishing an online storefront now find themselves racing to catch up.

So, for those of you who are looking to get started with e-commerce in a hurry, a “crash course” is in order. With this in mind, let’s break down the basics, starting with a few best practices for your e-commerce website…

Project a sense of value and professionalism with a site design that’s visually interesting, focused, and on-brand. And because functionality is key to successful design, make sure your user interface and navigation elements are up to modern standards.

Forge a connection with readers with crisp and compelling web copy that engages the senses and brings your brand story to life. Lead with benefits, follow up with features, and make sure to keep it focused and readable.

Give mobile users the best possible experience by ensuring your site is optimized for a range of devices and follows best practices for mobile design. Your site should be easy to navigate, and quick to load.

Tackle cart abandonment and close the deal with prospective customers by streamlining your site’s navigation, simplifying the checkout process, and making sure you’re totally transparent about shipping costs, return procedures, and other important store policies.

Enhance your website’s reach with on-site SEO. Populating your site with search-optimized content, and optimizing pages “under the hood” with appropriate tags and metadata, are great ways to achieve a signal boost.

With a well-designed e-commerce site as the hub of your online selling efforts, it’s time to round out your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness. Social media and email marketing synergize well with one another, and can be used to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, draw attention to special deals, and much more. And, since you’ve already addressed on-site SEO, finish the job with off-site strategies designed to boost your visibility on the social web.

Building an e-commerce site from the ground up can be a heavy lift – especially in this difficult time. But, you don’t have to go it alone. From simple e-commerce sites to more complicated builds, Rosie’s Creative can help get you off the ground, and we can support you over the long haul with a custom-tailored digital marketing strategy.

We’ve recently streamlined the process of launching a basic e-commerce site in response to the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic, and we’re taking other steps to assist clients old and new, and provide peace of mind in these unsettling times.

If you’re not yet a client – we’d love to earn your trust! Contact us today; Your first consultation is always free! 

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