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Celebrate Your Independence: Marketing for Local Businesses

Marketing for Small and Local Businesses in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s been a hard couple of months for small businesses in America, with the historic and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis slamming the brakes on economic activity from coast to coast.

Now, as the nation looks toward recovery, small businesses find themselves in a tough spot – caught between elected leaders eager to frame the pandemic as “over” and move on, and the more sober outlook of consumers still wary of resuming pre-COVID routines.

The good news is, surveys of public opinion show surging support for small and local businesses, with one recent poll finding that 75% of respondents plan to support small businesses as much as possible once COVID-related restrictions are eased.

But with a narrow majority of Americans believing the country is reopening too quickly, and some research suggesting that the shift to online shopping may be permanent for many consumers, small businesses looking to make the most of this opportunity face a challenge. To remain viable moving forward, finding creative ways to expand into the digital space and offer a safe alternative to the brick-and-mortar experience is a must.

While it’s not possible for every business to make a complete transition to a virtual model, let’s look at a few marketing tools to help take your online presence to the next level…

While traditional retailers were hard-hit by restrictions on non-essential activities, online retail has flourished during lockdown – and is expected to remain many consumers’ number one option going forward. So, if your business is lagging behind in e-commerce, catching up is an essential task!

Video Marketing
Can’t go totally virtual? Video marketing is the next best thing, letting you put your storefront at the customer’s fingertips. Give virtual tours, product demos, or provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

Email Marketing
One of the oldest and most reliable forms of digital marketing, email offers reach, portability, and phenomenal return on investment. It’s a wise choice for brands looking to keep followers engaged and in the loop, independent of any closures or restrictions affecting your business.

Social Media
Looking to keep your brand in the conversation? A smart, targeted social media strategy is just the way to do it. Like email, social media boasts impressive reach and portability – and it has terrific synergy with other marketing tools like your website or mailing list, making it a great way to round out your strategy.

The bottom line? COVID-19 has led many consumers to adjust their priorities – and brands looking to stay viable in a post-pandemic world must adjust strategies in turn. With a stronger digital footprint, you’ll have a more durable brand, better prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

Looking to transition your business to a more digital model? Rosie’s Creative has the tools and the know-how to help prepare your brand for the post-pandemic age – and to give you a leg up, we’re now offering digital training in the skills necessary for a successful shift towards a more virtual business model.

Ready to get started? Contact Rosie’s Creative today – and remember – Your first consultation is always free! 

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