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Seasonal Marketing in the Summer of COVID-19

Keep Evolving. Keep Adapting. Keep Safe.

Summer is upon us – and in a typical year, right about now brands large and small would be rolling out summer marketing campaigns with a focus on big gatherings, holiday celebrations, and other hallmarks of the season. But the summer of 2020 is a summer like no other.

The COVID-19 pandemic, thrust into public awareness this winter, remains a major concern as we move into summer, with local authorities and event organizers nationwide canceling holiday parades, festivals, sporting events, and more to protect public health. And the ongoing crisis has led many brands to scrub their marketing plans for the summer, too.

But just because this won’t be a typical summer, that’s no reason for your brand to abandon seasonal marketing entirely. Adapting your marketing efforts to the changing seasons is crucial to keeping customers engaged with your brand and ensuring your brand message stays fresh throughout the year – even in these unprecedented times.

Here are a few points to consider as you shape your seasonal strategy to meet the challenges of a summer in the shadow of COVID-19…

Retool Summer Campaigns to Reflect the #StayHome and #SaferAtHome Reality
At its core, seasonal marketing is about adaptation. Usually, this refers to predictable yearly occurrences – major holidays, cultural events, and so on. But this summer, you’ll also need to adapt your message to the challenges facing your customers in the midst of a global pandemic. While taking care to keep the emotional core of summer marketing intact, you should also reinforce how your brand fits into the “new normal” of teleworking, social distancing, and heightened concerns for family, community, and health.

Mobile Marketing is a Winner
Seasonal strategies for summer often put a strong focus on mobile marketing, to reach those who are out and about, traveling or attending big summer events. You’d think this might change with so many people homebound, but in fact, the stress of balancing telework and child care has left many struggling with disrupted routines and divided attention spans. So, mobile-focused methods like email, SMS, and social media are still a great way to reach customers this summer.

Live Video is Proving Itself Formidable
Live-streaming video has long been a versatile complement to any brand’s digital marketing strategy, combining the raw immediacy of social media with the emotional heft of video marketing. But now, with everyone from late-night talkers to musicians, actors, and politicians getting in on the action, livestreaming is in the spotlight like never before. Use this powerful marketing tool to provide an emotionally engaging experience for followers and maintain brand awareness during this trying time.

Again – this is no ordinary summer. But with a smart, forward-thinking seasonal marketing strategy, you can adapt to the times and keep customers engaged and in the loop as we navigate this crisis and take the first steps towards a return to some kind of normalcy.

Want to learn more about how seasonal marketing can help your business or nonprofit this summer? Contact Rosie’s Creative today. We’ll help you put together a plan to keep your brand fresh year-round and project an image of trust and stability in these uncertain times. Your first consultation is always free! 

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