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“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”Jeff Bezos

Client Testimonials

Your Success is Our Success

At Rosie’s Creative, we value the testimonials of our clients. We know we can write, blog, and chat about how great we think we are – but it is truly the words of our clients which illustrate our success. Our clients’ success is proof positive that our philosophy, efforts, and skills work together to provide measurable, outstanding results.


Lullaby Anesthesia Associates, LLC, Norman R.

I cannot thank Rosie’s Creative enough for providing my business with a clean, professional look. From developing our logo, to the fine attention paid to detail and website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Rosie’s Creative provided a comprehensive approach to ensuring Lullaby Anesthesia Associates, LLC is presented in a manner that is sure to make a great first impression to our patients as well as our independent contractors with whom we do business.

If you’re looking for a creative team to produce a high quality, tailored product for you and your business, we highly recommend Rosie’s Creative, LLC.

Thanks again, Rosie!

FCN Inc.

Rosie offered us real business insight as well as creative content. She is like a walking business intelligence system with style.

Enigmas Edge Design & Dipgrips, Stephen R.

I was referred to Rosie a couple months ago through my business coach. My product was in need of retail ready packaging and I wanted something special. That is exactly what I got!

Rosie is wonderful to work with. She is extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. She genuinely listened to what I was looking for and turned it into something extraordinary!

I am very happy to have worked with her and I highly recommend her for any design work you have. Thank you Rosie

Create My Newsletter, Eric C.

The combination of a high ROI and increased customer retention rates makes email marketing one of the best digital marketing tools a small business can use. Email marketing also allows small businesses to compete with their larger competitors without having to match the ad budgets of nation wide companies. Working together with Rosie’s Creative to spread this message has been rewarding for all involved. It’s great to be able to work together to help small businesses thrive.

Talon’s Nest, Alexis B.

Rosie is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable, sets clear goals, which help you reach your own! Rosie helped me with starting my own business as well as doing excellent product photography! I’d be lost without her. I would highly recommend working with her for any product photography or business consulting

Exit Landmark Realty, Brenda H.

I recently worked with Rosie’s Creative on promotional items and advertising. She’s a fantastic resource. Created effective banners with spot on copy. She works as fast as you do, sets deadlines and keeps them. Rosie maintained contact and followed-up quickly. During our follow-up meeting she provided me with many valuable resources. I look forward to working with her again.

Tino’s Italian Bistro, Lance C.

Rosie’s Creative is an amazing resource for us. We hired Rosie when her business was still fledgling, and have grown with her over the past years. She provides a vast ocean of resources for us, and is always ready to assist with new ideas – even those outside the scope of her normal services. She’s very responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile on any job. We use her for social media and, recently, our new web build. I think we’ll keep her around for a while. Thanks Rosie!

Avocet Inspections, Thomas W.

I recently hired Rosie’s Creative to make my website mobile friendly and she was great! The website had been done originally in a rather awkward fashion but Rosie’s was able to work through some tricky code issues and get everything on track.

I will be using her services in the future and highly recommend her!

Have Love Weddings, Kiko G.

Rosie is AWESOME!!! First she bailed me out of a tight spot when I was having issues originally with my email and website – totally helpful! Then I hired her to develop my new website…she was so easy to work with, was incredibly responsive, made the changes to my website in lightning fast speed when I had suggestions. She offered solutions to all requests that I made regardless of if my platform… supported my ideas, and made me a beautiful website that I am excited to share with my clients as well as my friends and family. 

Kate Marie Fine Photography, Kate M.

When you choose to partner with Rosie’s Creative you are choosing to bring a higher level of creative intelligence to your business. The work is done on time and with great professionalism. I will be returning to Rosie’s Creative for future projects. 

Big Whimsy, Nina A.

I have been working with Rosie on the upcoming Baltimore Faerie Faire, and now I want to get her to take a look at my whole small business/entrepreneur organization. She has a great mix of creative easy-goingness, with a razor edge ‘but this is what it takes in business’ mentality. Bridging the gap between creative types and business sense is a great skill, and Rosie has it.

Faces by Brandi, Brandi C.

Using Rosie’s Creative was the best decision I’ve made all year! As a business owner, I thought I could do it all. When I decided to take my business to the next level, I purchased an online storefront. After continually putting it on the back burner, I finally made the choice to go with Rosie’s Creative. It was quick, easy and professional. The sales are now building and it was so easy. I will continue to personally use Rosie’s Creative and recommend them to anyone wanting to get ahead. 

Poo Pee Patrol, April P.

Rosie is awesome! Professional and friendly person. My website was completed quicker than I expected. Her knowledge of website building is excellent. She is very creative and gets the job done.

The Parkville Bookworm, Melissa E.

I love what Rosie did with my website! She took it from drab and boring to colorful and cute.

20 Minute Lockout, Mark J.

At Rosie’s Creative, their service was excellent, was up front and to the point, and never tried to pull my leg like other companies I have dealt with in the past. For any of your online web needs, I recommend Rosie’s Creative to everyone.

Red Shedman Farm Brewery, Vic A.

From design ideas to fixing major issues, Rosie’s Creative is top shelf. Whether we are talking ideas or problem solving over a cup of tea, you’re doing great stuff over there. Cheers!

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