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Do You Have a Plan B? Build Flexibility into Your Marketing

In Marketing, as in Life, Flexibility is an Essential Survival Skill.

Building a durable brand and executing a standout marketing strategy that keeps target audiences engaged is a challenging task, even in ordinary times. But with a global pandemic triggering anxiety, uncertainty, and disruption on an unprecedented scale, these are no ordinary times.

As businesses and nonprofits the world over scramble to adapt, the developing crisis has demonstrated the value of a robust digital presence for brands looking to stay connected with home-bound web users. And it has put a sudden spotlight on an enduring truth – in marketing, as in life, flexibility is a must.

So, let’s take a look at the importance of building flexibility into your marketing strategy, with a few basic guidelines to help you prepare for whatever tomorrow brings…

You Can’t Have a “Plan B” without a “Plan A”
One of the surest ways to retain flexibility in your marketing is to have a big-picture plan firmly in place. With a solid sense of big-picture strategy, you’ll be well-equipped to adjust tactics on the fly while keeping your brand’s character intact. Key to this kind of big-picture planning is a brand guide laying out the rules for how your brand will be presented – from logos, icons, and typography, to color schemes and guidelines for copy writing. You’ll also want to keep a marketing calendar to help you stay organized, plan ahead (but not too far ahead), and ensure all bases are covered in terms of delivering content through a variety of platforms.

In a Pinch, Give Old Content a Second Life
Got a hole in your marketing calendar that you need to fill in a hurry? Get more mileage out of your existing content by republishing evergreen content or repackaging it into a new format. Old content can be repurposed in countless ways – from converting a blog post into an info graphic or an email newsletter, writing a new blog post based on an old video, or even spinning off an old blog post into a new one (or a whole series). With a solid stable of content to draw upon, you’ll never be at a loss if you have to make a last-minute adjustment to your calendar.

Monitor Performance and Maintain Open Communication
Part of being flexible is understanding when you’ve got to make a change. It’s important to know when your marketing strategy is paying dividends – and when it’s not. Whether using analytics tools to measure engagement, or relying on direct feedback from customers or followers, you should always keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing. And make use of every tool at your disposal to maintain open communication with customers; this will alert you to situations requiring a quick readjustment and allow for fast, accurate updates to your audience.

Here at Rosie’s Creative, we’re here for you in these changing times. If you’re looking for ways to adapt your marketing strategy to the challenges ahead, contact us today. Your first consultation is always free! 

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