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The Power of Partnership: Retainers Explained

Why should you use retained services? In the dynamic and competitive world of business, securing the services of a creative agency is often a key strategy for companies looking to elevate their brand, communicate effectively with their audience, and stay…

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Art Meets Science Wrap-Up

In November 2022, we at Rosie’s Creative worked alongside the Bimini Biological Field Station and artist Francesca Page to host a workshop called Art Meets Science. It was an absolute blast of a time, in one of the most beautiful…

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Reputation Management on the Web

"They said WHAT about ME?" Ratings and reviews are the main way new customers are able to see how a business acts. These pieces of feedback paint a picture of your business, which means that managing your online presence is…

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What’s New in Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the email marketing service we consistently recommend, because of its excellent and easy to use functionality. Constant Contact also provides thoughtful evolution of its product to provide users with the most advanced toolset available! This quarter’s updates…

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Updates to Policies: What You Need to Know

With the new year, Rosie’s Creative has made changes to adapt to shifting forces in the economy. These changes will not affect our services, only our fees and billing processes. Read on to learn more about our current policies! You…

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Behold the Power of Vacation!

Vacation is one of the most productive things we can do for ourselves. Rest is amazing for us, and necessary for our health. Doubly so in America, where we have a reputation for workaholism, to the point the Center for…

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