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What’s New in Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the email marketing service we consistently recommend, because of its excellent and easy to use functionality. Constant Contact also provides thoughtful evolution of its product to provide users with the most advanced toolset available! This quarter’s updates include some incredible improvements to their social media toolkit, a host of excellent new ecommerce integrations, and targeted improvements to email customization, which combine to make Constant Contact an essential asset to any modern business.

  • Social Media: Taking a cue from other social media management platforms, Constant Contact has refined its own social media functionality. Users can now construct social media posts without setting a platform, allowing you to let inspiration flow without worrying about format. When you’re ready to set a platform, you’ll get a preview of whatever platforms to which you choose to push your post. Combined, these give you more options in how you create your posts, and more opportunity to format them exactly as you need.
  • Ecommerce: Squarespace, Wix ecommerce, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce integration provides a powerful tool to study, organize and respond to your audience. Customers can be automatically imported and organized based on their purchases. You can also promote specific products with a drag-and-drop function, importing products you want to focus on by pulling them directly from your online store. This also adds the ability to track sales through the email, giving you solid data on which to act.
  • Customization: More email formatting options means more unique looks for your emails. Constant Contact has added a dotted divider, with formatting options including size, spacing and color. This provides an additional option for bordering portions of an email for clarity. The option to save your brand colors is now available as well, ensuring a consistent palette from which to choose for your company. Additionally, you now have more options for selecting and editing borders for emails, to frame your message perfectly.

With all of these new options, on top of Constant Contact’s already incredible array of functions and tools, you can see why we recommend them for all of our clients. Talk to Rosie’s Creative today to see how Constant Contact can work for you! Want to get started? Start your FREE TRIAL by clicking below. No credit card required.

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