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Welcome to 2023 – Let’s See What’s New…

A new year is an opportunity for change – a time to look back on the previous year to reflect on the year past, and look ahead for new opportunities. Rosie’s Creative wants to make sure you have what you need for the coming year, and update you on what’s happening with us.

Video marketing is more important than ever, and comes with a host of new ways to approach it. Short-format videos have become especially popular, giving content creators a venue to talk about their favorite brands, and giving those brands exposure exponentially greater than their own marketing can achieve. Combined with earnest brand-building, these user-created videos give customers insight into the products and services they love, and your business the exposure it needs.

New search engines that grant users greater anonymity and control, such as DuckDuckGo, are seeing greater popularity. Ensuring a good presence on these engines requires consistently creating engaging content that gives value to customers by demonstrating products and services. This ties in with user-created content mentioned above, by using high-performing videos as conversion ads. This also means that marketing energy is best spent in community and brand building, and moving away from data-driven marketing.

Speaking of brand building, customers are looking for more and more individualized experience. More qualitative performance measurement provides feedback directly from customers to help you provide them with that experience. This can take the form of reviews and surveys, as well as active engagement.

With all of the focus on video, customer feedback, and user-created content, it makes sense that forging long-term alliances with content creators who use your products and services is a priority. Nurture these relationships by replying to messages, looking through followers’ accounts, and curating relationships on social media.

The last piece of information we want to share is that we’ve moved! Our new headquarters is still in Maryland, and we’ve updated our address with our clients. We are, as always, available at our website,, or by phone at (443) 684-5220. Remember, your first consultation with us is free! Let us help you navigate this year’s emerging trends and determine how to harness them to build up your business.

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