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So, You Want to Rank #1 on Google?

Google has a tremendous presence. As far as search engines are concerned, Google had over 80% of the market share by the end of 2022 and currently has over 90% of the market share (so far) in 2023. So, making sure you rank high in searches on Google is extremely important to get the attention you need for your business. Fortunately, there are many accessible ways to maximize your website’s presence on Google.

Focus on User Experience
Making sure your visitors have a great experience is really important, both from a good service standpoint, and from an SEO point-of-view. Google measures the number of visits, time per visit on site, number of pages visited per session and bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who click into one page only before leaving your site). With a positive user experience, visitors to your site will spend more time on it, and visit more pages before leaving.

Optimize Your Content
Making good, optimized content is also a great way to increase your ranking. Accurate spelling with keywords and mobile-friendly formatting that includes links to additional content off-site makes content not only good for your site, but valuable to your visitors. Optimizing images helps with that as well, making sure that your images are compressed for speed, and have descriptive filenames and alt text that will help search engines find them. The more value you add to visits, the more visits you’ll get.

Beef Up Your Backlinks
As you create good content and experience for your visitors, websites your visitors maintain will backlink you. The more backlinks, the more traffic, and the greater likelihood the sites linking back to you will be from high-authority domains that will demonstrate YOUR site’s authority, and improve your search ranking.

Update Links in Your Content
Maintaining the links within your website’s content, either by deleting them or changing them to point towards working sites, will also help you climb Google’s rankings. Having working site links both increases your site’s authority, AND improves your site’s user experience. It’s a great one-two combo!

Go Local with a Google Business Profile
Optimize your site to show up on local searches. More and more consumers are trying to stay close to home and support their local economy through local businesses. You can do this by claiming your Google business profile, and providing localized content in Google business posts. Listing yourself in localized Google directories and encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews will add to your ranking as well!

Get an Edge on Your Competitors with Professional Help
For clients who want to maximize their online presence, or who are in an extremely competitive marketplace, an ongoing SEO+SEM package is recommended. It’s very likely that your competitors are already utilizing a professional service for this reason. An SEO+SEM Package is a service bundle that includes all of the optimization activity included above, as well as regular updates, maintenance, and paid advertising management.

Ongoing optimization and paid advertising is critical for businesses looking to stay competitive, because search engines routinely prioritize businesses that show evidence of regular monthly contributions to ads and content. In less competitive, niche markets, you can garner search ranking boosts from occasional updates, but a monthly contract ensures that your web presence will not degrade over time and, much like with auto maintenance, regular service is less costly per month than more extensive one-time optimizations to your online presence. Our comprehensive optimization maintenance packages allow us to help you build your business while you are free to do what you do best – run your business.

Rosie’s Creative can help you maximize your ranking on Google by crafting your website from the ground up to fit with the best SEO and SEM strategies. With over a decade of experience in online marketing, let us bring to bear our experience and skill to make sure your business gets the traffic it needs to boom. Remember, with Rosie’s Creative your first consultation is always free!

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