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Simply Referable

Completion Date

October 2018

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
Third-Party Implemented and Maintained Website

Project Description

Unhappy with the progress of their website build, local real estate team Simply Referable approached us at Rosie’s Creative looking for help getting their project back on track. They had a contract with another local web developer that had proven unable to deliver the modern, elegant approach they wanted. Instead, the web developer put forth dated, unsatisfactory designs that failed to elevate their brand to the desired standard. We were happy to do what we could to ease Simply Referable’s frustrations and help get this project over the finish line.

As the project was already in the hands of another web developer, Rosie’s Creative had no real control over many critical aspects of the site build. Our primary task was to develop a mobile-friendly WordPress template that would bring the site’s design up to contemporary standards. Using our previous branding and design work for Simply Referable as a starting point, we built a template using a color palette comprised of soothing, reliable blues, and typefaces that were chosen to emphasize readability and project an image of steady professionalism.

Working within our limited role, we also did what we could to advocate for the best interests of our client, making suggestions to their web developer and recommending key changes to bring greater functionality to the website and improve the quality of the final product. Our experience and superior comfort level with WordPress allowed us to be a more forceful advocate for Simply Referable and helped us to bridge the gap between their expectations and the previous efforts of their web developer.

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