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J.F. Fischer

Completion Date

July 2021

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom Dynamic Forms
Custom Videography / Photography Package
Client-Maintained Website

Project Description

J.F. Fischer came to Rosie’s Creative looking for a fresh polished update to their web presence and branding. Prior to contacting us, their previous website was outdated and static. Updates to copy and graphics were critically needed, and the site needed some overall revivification. Our role was to give them a modern website that was fully expandable and could be grown well into the future of their organization. 

Based on the results of our initial consultation, we decided that a website built with WordPress would be the best way to meet J.F. Fischer’s needs. In order to have a modern and relevant web presence, the new website needed to be attractive and mobile friendly, able to convey essential information to their target audience while drawing eyes and ears to J.F. Fischer’s truly top-tier projects. We opted to use WordPress because of its expandability, its mobile responsive features, and its built-in SEO benefits, among other reasons. The new site used a fully custom theme designed to optimize future growth.

To add a dynamic quality to the new website and effectively communicate J.F. Fischer’s mission and expertise, we provided a professional custom videography and photography package. This resulted in high quality graphics and engaging industrial footage to harness the dynamic power of industrial fabrication and construction. We featured a custom professional video that communicated J.F. Fischers’s mission and some of their recent achievements. We took advantage of today’s robust mobile technology to put the focus on video, which would not have been possible even a few years ago but is now both emphasized and preferred. Forward-thinking design that moves with technology trends is one of our key practices in designing a website that will stay relevant.

We shaped our graphic design choices to reflect the organization’s existing logo as our primary source of inspiration. Through our specialized brand design discovery process, we were able to select the final color palette. The website’s color scheme pulls from the logo and expands on it, combining shades of grey and geometric shapes with pops of deep red. These elements combine to create an image of structural and technical focus with a true passion for design at its center. Typeface selections were made with a focus on readability and accessibility, using clean, modern sans serifs throughout the site.


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