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Olivera Health + Wellness

Completion Date

December 2018

Services Performed

Custom Landing Page Design
Unique WordPress Functionality
Product and Services Design Update
Content, Writing, and Management

Project Description

Rosie’s Creative had a pre-existing relationship with Olivera Health + Wellness from our previous work with the company on their website design, so when they needed a landing page for their new services, they came to us for our expertise. Their project required a major branding overhaul, which required a new logo, new colors, new page layout, and new branding concepts. Beyond just the landing page, a fair amount of provisionary work had to be done first to ensure that the landing page they envisioned would not be jarringly different from the rest of the website.

The new product line required engagement with a younger, fresher audience than Olivera Health + Wellness’s prior typical demographic, so the rebranding required some groundwork to appeal to a more diverse age and lifestyle range. The purpose of the landing page was to create a mobile-friendly environment through which clients could quickly and easily learn about new products and services, as well as intuitively book an appointment. Online appointment scheduling, especially on a mobile platform, is a growing trend in modern page design and is increasingly expected by a younger user demographic. This highlights the importance of staying on top of current functionality. We wanted the landing page to grab attention on a mobile platform, so it focused on a visually engaging slider, with a clickable link to an interior information page front and center. This provides intuitive navigation on small screens.

With the new logo design selected and in place, rebranding focused on a color palette with a range of soft blues and crisp white. This created a new brand without alienating the original audience. Rosie’s Creative assisted in leading and guiding onsite photography to help create a professional and authentic user experience on the web. Customers could be confident that what they were seeing on the website was what they could expect when entering the office, which builds trust and confidence in prospective clients. This was supplemented with carefully selected stock photography reflective of the diverse demographic pool the client wanted to reach. All of these elements combined to create a cohesive marketable message that not only promoted the renewed vision for Olivera Health + Wellness, but also a dedication to new and relevant cutting-edge client engagement and treatment options.

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