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Gilbert A. Bliss Psychotherapy

Completion Date

May 2022

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
GoDaddy Website Builder

Project Description

Gilbert A. Bliss Psychotherapy is a counseling practice that provides care to those needing emotional or mental health support. The practitioner came to Rosie’s Creative to transfer his old, cumbersome WordPress website to something more streamlined, user friendly, and affordable.

Through our initial consultation, we gathered information that helped us to determine that a website built with GoDaddy Website Builder would be the best way to meet the client’s needs. GoDaddy Website Builder is an affordable alternative for small businesses that don’t require special functionality. Because this is a static website, which he doesn’t anticipate updating regularly, the super affordable $6/month GoDaddy product worked well for his needs.

The client wanted his then-current WordPress website built out through GoDaddy Website Builder with just a few design changes, which kept the scope smaller and cost of the project low. We transferred his brand color, brand identity, and content from his old website and optimized for the new website platform. Rosie’s Creative only charged the client for the design work, optimization, and consultation services. Super quick turn around, too – the project only took 10 business days!



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