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FTF Cycles

Completion Date

January 2018

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
GoCentral Website Build
Client Maintained Website

Project Description

One of our first clients, FTF Cycles has long relied on GoDaddy’s hosting services as well as their website building tools. However, their site had reached a point where it was no longer meeting their needs in terms of design or technology. They needed a new site that would be easier to access on mobile devices and have a more contemporary feel overall. We at Rosie’s Creative were happy to work with FTF Cycles to meet their goals.

Since they had a limited budget to work with and a long history with GoDaddy, FTF Cycles opted to build their new site using GoDaddy’s next-generation website builder, GoCentral. Launched in early 2017 with an emphasis on building mobile-friendly sites, GoCentral’s template-based framework was a good fit for FTF Cycles’ needs.

Because the focus of this project was on improving the site’s functionality and mobile responsiveness as opposed to undertaking a major aesthetic overhaul, when it came to the design of the new site, we kept the fundamentals of the existing branding in place. Working within GoCentral’s template-based system, we applied our knowledge of professional web design best practices to create a modern, mobile-friendly update to their web presence, and deliver the best results possible for our client.

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