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Completion Date

January 2022

Services Performed

Website Design
GoDaddy Website Buildout

Project Description

Best Care Essential is a concierge nursing service provider focused on Personalized, Discreet, Professional Care. They came to Rosie’s Creative for a clean and professional website that would highlight their dedication to high-quality care. As a growing healthcare business, it was critical to give them a modern website that was fully expandable and could easily grow with them.

Our initial consultation provided the information we needed to determine that a website built with GoDaddy Website Builder would be the best way to meet BCE’s needs. In order to have a clinical yet appealing web presence, their website needed to be attractive and mobile friendly, able to convey complex information to their target audience in a format that was easy to navigate and easy to understand. We opted to use GoDaddy Website Builder, an affordable alternative for small businesses that don’t require special functionality. It offered the optimal combination of functionality and affordability in terms of the client’s needs, as the client did not require a fully custom website design.

The client provided us with a fairly clean rough draft of their logo, which we vectorized and optimized for web use. We modeled our graphic design choices to reflect clean clinical lines, with modern scrub designs as an inspiration for the overall tone. Through our specialized brand design discovery process, we were able to select the final color palette. The website’s color scheme pulls from the logo and expands on it, combining clinical black and white with warm pink accents that highlight the heart of this patient-centered medical care business. Typeface selections were made with a focus on readability and accessibility, using clean, modern sans serifs throughout the site.


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