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Kovacs, Whitney, & Associates, Inc.

Completion Date

November 2017

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Form Integration
Social Media Integration
Client Maintained Website

Project Description

An engineering consulting firm operating in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1984, Kovacs, Whitney, & Associates (KWA) came to us at Rosie’s Creative looking for a partner to help develop their web presence. Prior to contacting us, they had no website or social media presence at all, meaning that we would be starting this project essentially from the ground up. Rosie’s Creative was happy to take on this challenge, and help KWA with the crucial task of establishing a foothold on the web.

Following our initial consultation, we decided that a website built with WordPress would be the best way to meet KWA’s needs. Their requirements were fairly straightforward; the website needed to be attractive and mobile friendly, with a focus on conveying essential information to their target audience without too much distraction. We decided on WordPress for a number of reasons including its expandability, its mobile responsive features, and its built-in SEO benefits. We built the new site using a flexible semi-custom theme designed with future growth in mind.

As for graphic design choices, we referred to KWA’s existing logo, which they had been using for many years, as our primary source of inspiration. The website’s color scheme pulls from this logo, combining deep blues with vibrant oranges and yellows to project an image that is professional, yet relatable. Typeface selections were driven by a focus on readability and accessibility, with clean, modern sans serifs used throughout the site.

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