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I’m the Chef Too!

Completion Date

October 2017

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
Custom “Classes” Portfolio with Icons
WordPress Website Build
WordPress Blog Integration
Third-Party Software Integration
Email Marketing Integration
SEO Optimized Copywriting

Project Description

Referred to us by another client, I’m The Chef Too was looking to achieve a more sophisticated and well-rounded presence on the web. They already had a basic website built with GoDaddy’s site building tools, so they had an idea of how the new site should be structured, but a professional touch was required to refine and execute their vision. We at Rosie’s Creative were happy to help I’m The Chef Too take their web presence to the next level.

Following our initial consultation, we decided that a site built with WordPress would be the best fit. WordPress was the most attractive option for a number of reasons, including its flexibility, adaptability, and the ease with which it allows for adding and managing new site content. WordPress also offers SEO advantages and is a terrific choice for building mobile-friendly websites.

In addition to the website build itself, I’m The Chef Too required professional feedback and advice on branding and design. They came to us without a clearly defined brand style or even a proper logo. As a result, this project involved a bit more original design work than is typical for us. Working from the ground up, we developed a brand identity that incorporates bright, contrasting colors alongside hand-drawn illustrations and a light, playful display font.

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