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Kathleen Adcock Law

Completion Date

October 2015

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom Logo

Project Description

When Kathleen Adcock Law was referred to us at Rosie’s Creative, she was looking to create a web presence for her business that was more technically sophisticated than a consumer grade website. She wanted a website that had modern functionality and a professional appearance while also being affordable and easy to maintain.

To meet those needs, we at Rosie’s Creative found WordPress to be a perfect fit. By making custom modifications to an existing WordPress theme, we were able to give Kathleen Adcock Law high-level functionality for a modest cost. Improved search engine marketing is inherent to the WordPress platform, but we were also able to add a plug-in that helped her increase her web ranking. In addition, we built a plug-in that made it easy for her to nest and categorize blog posts, so her clients could easily find relevant news articles.

In the design of Kathleen Adcock Law’s website, we wanted to present her information in an emotionally sensitive way to reflect her specialty in family law. We began with high impact photography of nature to create a serene and calming effect for users as they read through difficult concepts. Soothing colors such as blues and greens helped establish a professional brand identity. We used fonts that were unobtrusive and easy to read, to make the information on the site easy for users to absorb and comprehend.

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