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Cara Liane Photography

Completion Date

January 2014

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Client Maintained Website

Project Description

When Cara Liane Photography found her WordPress website was not meeting all of her needs, she came to us at Rosie’s Creative for our expert help and advice. She was familiar with the WordPress platform but needed assistance with adding more technically advanced aspects to her site. In addition, she needed her site to be more focused on her photography in order to project a clearer brand message and market her business more effectively.

After looking at Cara Liane Photography’s needs, we were able to help her make more appropriate choices in WordPress. We started by recommending a more image-focused theme that was mobile responsive and ensured that the images we incorporated into the website read well across all platforms. We transferred her previously created content to her new website and helped structure her portfolio in a more visually engaging way.

In designing for Cara Liane Photography, we made sure that her photographs took center stage and helped her to create a brand identity. We began by using large format images of sweeping landscapes, so that the user’s first view is of her work. Keeping fonts and colors to a minimum, we structured the website to showcase her images, using simple, legible sans serif fonts to play a more graphic role.

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