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Completion Date

March 2022

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design
Custom Stationery Design

Project Description

Grimmsical Creations is the home of artist Michaela Johnson, who creates and sells fantasy art inspired by nature. They came to Rosie’s Creative for a new logo and stationery that would provide cohesive branding across platforms, including social media, mail, and in-person venues.

The artist chose to focus on mushroom imagery in their logo, as a cultural reference to their heritage and also as a connection between the mysterious and fantastic within nature. Using reference photos from nature and sketchbooks, the logo design was formed using small mushrooms and twining vines in dark shades accented with pastels. The colors were selected to add hints of whimsy through contrast and depth. The font was selected primarily for a hand drawn aesthetic to highlight the artistic connection and coordinate well with the twining vines. This project included file variants specially adapted for social media and stationery.


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