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I’M The Chef Too! E.T. + Galaxy Donuts

Completion Date

October 2022

Services Performed

Full Product / Branding Delivery
Custom Website Banner
Custom Box Design
Custom Belly Band Design
Custom Product Illustration
Promotional Card Design
Activity Guide and Recipe Card Design


Project Description

I’m the Chef Too! is a company that blends food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun in a kitchen setting. Rosie’s Creative created their website in 2017, and has provided marketing support work as part of an ongoing and evolving campaign. This time, we were given an out of this world opportunity to work on a crossover kit design featuring their wildly popular Galaxy Donuts with none other than E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

While each kit in the I’m the Chef, Too! mail order series has its own personality, we really wanted the E.T. + Galaxy Donuts crossover to be something special. Using a revamped palette and special added features that created a fantastic link between the beloved alien and celestial donuts, we used the combined imagery of a star-sprinkled night sky and E.T.’s glowing heart to create fun and engaging custom illustrations, activity guides, etc. This was an extensive project unlike any we’ve taken on in the series before. The elements of each kit, which we specifically addressed were: website banner; box design; belly band design; activity guide; recipe card; promotional card; and custom illustrations and hand lettering for the titles on each box.

E.T. The Extraterrestrial © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.


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