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Scuba Duck Dive School

Completion Date

May 2022

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design
Custom Stationery Design

Project Description

Scuba Duck Dive School is a female owned dive school aimed at helping students learn scuba diving in a small class environment. They came to Rosie’s Creative for a new logo that would provide an updated, relatable, and fun logo that would reflect the enthusiasm-driven learning approach they foster in their classes.

The school’s branding is clearly focused on duck imagery, to encourage engagement with water in a non-intimidating manner. As part of our discovery process, we determined that they preferred a cartoon-type image that would appeal to a more light-hearted audience, with bright colors to emphasize the elementary level at which students are encouraged to begin their scuba learning journey. Using those guidelines, the logo design was formed using a smiling cartoon duck wearing a diving mask and a tank. The colors were selected to add whimsy, with bright engaging yellow for the duck, eye-catching pink for the tank, and shades of blue predominating. The font was selected to be an easy to read sans serif.


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