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I’M The Chef Too! turkey Bark

Completion Date

August 2022

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design
Custom Illustration
Custom Page Layout


Project Description

I’m the Chef Too! is a company that blends food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun in a kitchen setting. Rosie’s Creative, their website creator and marketing support team since 2017, was grateful to put together the launch for Turkey Bark, the seasonal Thanksgiving addition to their successful series of mail order kits!

We used our signature development process to select product-specific colors and design elements with the client, with the intention of making Turkey Bark an exciting product on its own while remaining within the company’s main branding and palette. For this kit, the client chose to focus on a farm setting in autumnal shades of gold and pumpkin, with candy corn and pumpkins highlighting the seasonal connection. With those key elements selected, we designed a logo, illustrations, and a website page to launch the new Turkey Bark kit.


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