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Keys to Reaching Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile-Friendly Marketing for Modern Businesses

Once, the internet was bound to the desktop PC – and for small businesses looking to digital marketing to help reach customers and build brand equity, an informative, well-designed website and a strategy tailored to desktop users was a perfect fit.

But the revolution in mobile technology over recent decades has brought dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, and consumer expectations – and today, it’s mobile-centered marketing that’s crucial to long-term success. Whether on vacation, running errands, or simply relaxing at home, today’s consumers turn to mobile devices to find local businesses, research their options, and make purchasing decisions. And if your business is not easy for mobile users to find and engage with, you are falling short of expectations.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few building blocks of a successful mobile marketing strategy…

Web Design: Building a Mobile-Optimized Online Hub
To project a modern, professional image to mobile users, ensuring your website adheres to best practices for mobile design is an absolute must. Every design decision should be focused on engaging with mobile users – from implementing a mobile-friendly or responsive layout, to optimizing nav elements and forms to ensure a superior user experience on mobile.

And design is just the first step – it’s also critical to take mobile users into account when planning content for your site. Images should be optimized for quicker load times, while written content should focus on brevity and readability.

Offsite SEO: Raising Your Brand’s Profile on the Social Web
Search engine optimization is a key component of modern digital marketing, helping to boost your brand’s visibility on today’s crowded web. A mobile-optimized website has SEO benefits on its own, but to really connect with on-the-go consumers looking to find and evaluate local businesses, a proactive off-site SEO strategy is essential.

For best results, you should be sure to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing, and verify that all listings for your business in other online directories are accurate and consistent. You’ll also want to maintain a presence on review sites – aside from demonstrating your commitment to superior customer service, staying on top of online reviews can also boost your search rankings.

Building Out Your Strategy: Email, Social Media, and More
Today’s social web is built on engagement and conversation, and with mobile-oriented marketing methods that give your brand reach and portability, you can keep that conversation going. Pushing regular updates to a variety of channels beyond your website can boost brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty, while reassuring consumers that the information they find is current and accurate.

At a minimum, your business should definitely take advantage of the phenomenal return on investment offered by email marketing, and look to maintain a presence on a few social platforms. You might also consider SMS marketing, or even a simple, targeted mobile app.

The bottom line? A well-rounded strategy to connect with mobile users is essential for small businesses today – and a great website is just the beginning. Looking to learn more about mobile-friendly marketing and what an updated marketing strategy can do for your business?  Contact us at Rosie’s Creative today, and let’s get started.  Your first consultation is always free! 

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