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Crunch Time for Nonprofits: Fine-Tuning Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Make Holiday Marketing Work for Your Organization

Once again, the holiday rush is upon us – and as always, it isn’t just businesses that are feeling the pressure. With nearly a third of annual giving happening in December, and 10% in the year’s final three days, the holiday season is “crunch time” for nonprofit organizations. Is your nonprofit’s marketing strategy up to the test?

A new worldwide survey of over 6,000 donors highlights the pivotal role of technology and digital media in powering charitable giving and boosting the outreach and engagement efforts of nonprofit organizations. Some key takeaways:

In North America, 60% of donors prefer to give online using a debit or credit card, with an additional 8% preferring to donate using PayPal.

Social media and email are cited as the marketing methods most likely to inspire giving – and among social networks, Facebook is the most effective by far.

28% of donors in North America have given directly through Facebook’s fundraising tools, with a significant majority saying they are likely to do so again in the future.

Increased use of technology across age groups is erasing generational differences in donor preferences, with millennials, Gen X’ers, and baby boomers all now favoring online methods of giving.

These findings underscore this simple fact – for nonprofits, a solid web presence and a robust, multifaceted digital marketing strategy are essential. So, as we head into the home stretch of the holiday giving season, let’s look at a few tips for fine-tuning your organization’s marketing efforts to boost engagement and maximize results:

Tailor Content to Mobile Users
Mobile-responsive web and email templates are just the beginning. Other important steps are to streamline written content, keep email subject lines short and purposeful, and ensure all CTAs and “Donate” buttons are large and easy to find.

Serialize Your Email Marketing
When sending emails as part of a holiday fundraising campaign, don’t stop at one. Split your email outreach into a series of two, three, or more messages, with a natural progression towards that final year-end push.

Keep Supporters in the Loop with Social Media
Regular communication is key to keeping your audience engaged. Using social media to update donors on your campaign’s progress can help with maintaining momentum and meeting goals in those critical final days of the year.

Work Every Angle
Don’t just lean on committed supporters – during the holidays, strive to expand your reach and bring new donors into the fold. Why not encourage donations as an alternative gift idea? And don’t be afraid to promote the tax benefits of donating!

Get into the Giving Spirit Yourself
Worldwide, one in five donors say incentives such as free gifts make them more likely to donate. So, if your budget allows it, consider this as a strategy for capturing new donors.

Looking for further assistance getting your nonprofit’s digital marketing strategy up to speed? Then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Rosie’s Creative. Remember, with us, your first consultation is always free.

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