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2018 in Digital Marketing: The Year in Review

Are You Ready to Welcome 2019?

We’ve made it to the end of another year – and whether your 2018 just breezed on by, or felt like an endless slog, no doubt you’re ready to ring in 2019.

As we turn the page on 2018, let’s look back at a few of the big events and trends impacting digital marketing this year, and how they might impact your brand’s fortunes as you plan your strategy for the new year to come.

Facebook’s Year of Scandal
In 2018, Facebook made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Questions about handling of user data and concerns over misinformation and abuse on the platform took a toll on the company’s image, and a June survey found user engagement in decline, particularly among younger users. Despite all this, industry insiders see big brands sticking with Facebook for now – but the situation warrants monitoring as we head into 2019.

Data Privacy in the Spotlight
It wasn’t only Facebook that grappled with questions over the misuse of consumers’ data in 2018. Social platforms, businesses, and nonprofits alike faced heightened scrutiny about their handling of sensitive data. Some observers suggest that the tough new data privacy regulation enacted in the European Union this year could foreshadow similar action here in the U.S., as public concern surrounding this issue remains elevated.

Instagram’s Surge Continues
Fresh off a triumphant 2017, Instagram kept on its upward trajectory in 2018, passing Snapchat as teens’ most used social platform, and rolling out new shopping-focused features ahead of the holiday season. With rising ad revenue and sustained appeal among the coveted youth demographic, some marketing pros now speculate that Instagram could surpass its parent company Facebook as the go-to platform for social marketing campaigns in 2019.

Holiday Kickoff Shows Mobile E-commerce on the Rise
The holiday shopping season kicked off in grand fashion for online retailers, with a record-setting $3.7B in e-commerce on Thanksgiving Day alone, and another $6.2B on Black Friday. Smartphone and tablet users accounted for well over a third of online sales, underscoring the critical importance of mobile-friendly design to online commerce today. On Cyber Monday 2018, smartphones alone generated $2.2B in sales, an impressive 55.6% increase over 2017.

Email Marketing: 40 Years and Going Strong
Believe it or not, it’s been four decades since the first use of email for mass marketing purposes, when a marketing manager for Digital Equipment Corporation sent an unsolicited message to 400 recipients promoting the company’s products. Since then, email has matured into a cornerstone of digital marketing, boasting near-universal adoption and outstanding ROI. Expect it to remain a top choice for marketers through 2019 and beyond.

Whatever 2019 may bring, if you’re ready to take on the promise and challenge of an exciting new year with a custom, forward-thinking digital marketing strategy, we at Rosie’s Creative would welcome the opportunity to be your partner in this endeavor.

From all of us here at Rosie’s Creative, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year!

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