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A Thanksgiving Greeting from Rosie’s Creative

Thanks for All You Do!

Ordinarily, we use this space to bring you content that’s aimed at raising your awareness of key topics and new developments in marketing and branding, while providing perspectives you might not have considered as you seek to boost the marketing efforts of your business or nonprofit.

But with Thanksgiving upon us, a time of celebration and reflection, we’d like to do something different. We’d like to pause for a moment and take the time, before the hectic holiday season begins in earnest, to thank you, our valued clients, for all you do and all you represent.

We’re thankful for your contributions to the community.
Small businesses and nonprofits are the beating heart of every community. In the more than five years that we’ve been serving the needs of brands throughout Central Maryland and beyond, we’ve watched our clients do their part to build strong communities by employing local talent, keeping money local, and giving back in so many other ways.

We’re thankful for your success.
We understand that as your chosen partner in marketing your brand, our success is ultimately bound to yours. Simply put – when you succeed, we succeed. Here at Rosie’s Creative, we take pride in our individually tailored, client-centered, and results-oriented approach to digital marketing. And we look at every successful client as a validation of that approach.

We’re thankful that you continue to put your trust in us.
We know that when it comes to marketing your business or nonprofit, you’ve got plenty of options – from competing agencies, to taking your chances and going it alone with DIY marketing solutions. And it means a lot to us that you’ve chosen Rosie’s Creative to be your partner in growth, helping you to evaluate your priorities, leverage your strengths, and smash through your goals.

It’s Thanksgiving. Set aside the stress, the traveling, the family feuds – at its heart, this is a day that gives us occasion to pause and reflect on shared values. Community, perseverance over hardship, working together to lift one another up. We’re proud to see our clients put those values into action, and thankful to you for trusting us to share in that journey with you.

So, from all of us at Rosie’s Creative to all of you – here’s to a very happy Thanksgiving and a happy, prosperous holiday season to come!

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