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The Julie Community Center

Completion Date

December 2020

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom NEON Forms
Social Media Integration

Project Description

The Julie Community Center came to Rosie’s Creative looking for help in modernizing their web presence and branding. Their previous website was extremely out of date; it was not mobile friendly, and did not leverage SEO. Our goal was to give them a modern, fully expandable website that could be grown well into the future of their organization.

Based on the results of our initial consultation, we decided that a website built with WordPress would be the best way to meet the Julie Community Center’s needs. Part of providing a modern and relevant web presence meant ensuring that the new website would be attractive and mobile friendly. It also needed to convey essential information quickly and easily, without distraction. We opted to use WordPress because of its expandability, its mobile responsive features, and its built-in SEO benefits, among other reasons. The new site was built using a fully custom theme designed with future growth in mind.

The Julie Community Center felt that the primary focus of their website should be on the community they serve, so graphics were selected to include high-resolution images of community members of all ages. This was done specifically to communicate their mission, which is to work with the residents of east/southeast Baltimore, to foster individual and neighborhood pride, participation, and self-determination.

When making our graphic design choices, we referred to the organization’s existing logo and the logo of the Sisters of Notre Dame as inspiration. Using that as a starting point, we conducted a brand design discovery process to select the final color palette. The website’s color scheme pulls from the two logos and expands on them, combining reassuring and calming shades of blue with pops of bright yellow to inspire joy and spirit. Typeface selections were made with a focus on readability and accessibility, using clean, modern sans serifs throughout the site.

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