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Senpai Cosplay Cruise

Completion Date

October 2018

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design

Project Description

Senpai Cosplay Cruise is an affinity group focused event sponsored by Rosie’s Creative, LLC, Suitcase Swagger, and We Thee Geeks in service to the cosplay community at large. The logo was created for the inaugural event, to represent the event’s web presence and distinct identity. The logo is designed to be welcoming and relatable, while still amenable to multiple applications. The color palette for the logo is distinctly nautical, meant to emphasize the cruise aspect of the event. The web-savvy target demographic for this event will recognize the reference to the “Notice me, senpai!” shark meme. The Senpai Cosplay Cruise is a biannual retreat focused on building positive relationships within the cosplay community.

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