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Paw Approved Pet Services

Completion Date

March 2016

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom Logo
Social Media Integration
On-Site SEO

Project Description

When Paw Approved Pet Services wanted their website to reflect their move to expand, we at Rosie’s Creative were happy to help. This small, female-owned business wanted a website that would reach a wider audience while more accurately reflecting their veterinarian-level pet care services. They wanted a modern, mobile-friendly site that they could customize and maintain themselves.

To meet these needs, we at Rosie’s Creative found WordPress to be a perfect fit. The WordPress platform features a user-friendly dashboard which allows the client to make changes to site content and graphics. Paw Approved also wanted easy access to blogging tools, and the ability to add and edit content pages, which are strengths of the WordPress platform. We created a custom plug-in for Paw Approved that connects their updates to social media outlets, enabling them to market their business more effectively.

During the design process, we at Rosie’s Creative were very responsive to our client’s design choices. We went with a color scheme that matched their logo so that other graphic elements could be easily changed to customize visual messaging while maintaining an overall cohesive look to the website. Font choices were based on the client’s desire to communicate a business persona that was both friendly and efficient.

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