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Howard County Education Federal Credit Union

Completion Date

May 2020

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Social Media Integration
Custom Dynamic Forms
ADA Compliance
On-Site SEO

Project Description

The Howard County Education Federal Credit Union came to Rosie’s Creative for an update to their previous website that would be more user-friendly and ADA-compliant. As satisfied clients who employed us to create their previous website in 2012, their expectation was that we would provide similar forward-thinking design and functionality, adjusted to accommodate the shift in their own clients’ needs. The role of Rosie’s Creative was to create a mobile-friendly, ADA-compliant website that could be easily grown to include future expansions without sacrificing speed and information flow, with updated branding to appeal more readily to the client’s customer base.

Through our initial consultation and our discovery process, Rosie’s Creative pinpointed a pronounced shift toward mobile users engaging with the credit union’s website, making a new focus on mobile-friendly design a high priority. WordPress had suited the previous needs of the credit union well, and it was the best option for the new website as well because of its expandability, its mobile responsive features, and its built-in SEO benefits, among other reasons. We built the new site using a fully custom theme designed to accommodate future growth without sacrificing current functionality.

Rosie’s Creative crafted the new, updated website with our focus on mobile-friendly functionality and ADA-compliant design, as well as branding to reflect the demographics of Howard County Education Federal Credit Union’s elementary school teacher clientele. We implemented an ADA-compliant protocol which will allow the credit union to update their site themselves in the future, with the ADA compliance built into those updates. We also transferred all content from the older website so that they didn’t have to worry about losing any data – a critical concern for a financial institution. As part of the content transfer process, we also reviewed that content to ensure it was fresh and accurate. Rosie’s Creative is providing the hosting for the new website, so the Howard County Education Federal Credit Union can rest assured that the technical aspects of hosting will always be executed thoroughly and quickly. The shift in hosting noticeably improved the website’s overall functioning speed.

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