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Tips for Writing Better Marketing Copy

Master Your Marketing Language

If you’re looking to stand out on the web today, modern design elements and eye-catching visuals are likely to be high on your list of must-haves. But don’t overlook the value of well-written copy as a marketing asset. Whether welcoming visitors to your home page or laying out specifics about products in your online shop, great copy writing can help to boost your brand’s perceived value and convert site visitors into new customers.

So, what are the secrets of copy writing that helps you forge a real connection with readers? What persuades people to buy, to take action? To want to learn more about your brand?

Let’s take a minute to go over a few fundamentals that are at the heart of high-impact marketing copy…

Emphasize Readability on the Web
Studies have shown that people don’t read web pages word for word the way they’d read a book – instead, they quickly scan for useful, relevant information. With this in mind, structure and format your content to prioritize the big takeaways. Use bullet lists and highlighted keywords to call attention to important concepts. And get right to the point, with short, focused paragraphs that deliver crucial information up front.

Engage the Senses with Your Writing
Just as striking visuals can evoke a sensory response, so can well-executed copy. When writing, think of the “rhythm” of your content. This is sales copy, not academic writing – so don’t be afraid to use broken sentences or bend grammatical rules for attention-grabbing effect. And, because concise writing demands deliberate word choice, get inspired and dig deep to find the perfect words to engage the senses and captivate your reader.

Connect the Dots Between Benefits and Features
The old marketing cliche says to “focus on benefits, not features.” But really, it’s more accurate to say that you should lead with benefits, then follow up with features, taking care to illustrate a tangible link between the two. What problem does your product or service exist to solve? How does it improve your customer’s life? When addressing features, it’s fine to include a few technical details to convey expertise, but don’t get carried away.

Get Specific with a Direct, Persuasive Call-to-Action
Encourage your reader to take the next step with a memorable and succinct call-to-action that includes a clear value proposition. Whether you’re looking to make a sale, attract email subscribers or social followers, or simply get readers to click through to the next page to learn more, don’t be shy about directly asking for what you want – and telling people what’s in it for them.

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