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Best Practices for E-Commerce Success

Get E-Commerce Ready for the Shopping Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and industry forecasters expect another robust season for online sales, as e-commerce continues to prove its staying power with each passing year.

And as more consumers turn to the web to make big holiday purchases, more businesses today are seeking to make their mark in the world of online retail. Is yours among them? Here are a few tips to help you build a stronger e-commerce website:

Showcase Your Products in Style
On today’s fast-paced web, capturing users’ attention is a top priority – which means outstanding product page design is a must. From copywriting and page layout, to typography, visuals, and user interface, the whole package needs to be focused and on point. Bring your brand story to life with crisp, evocative page copy that links benefits to features. And don’t forget the photos – recent survey data underscores the importance of quality images in pushing customers to make a purchase online.

Be Mindful of Mobile Users
Long gone are the days of desktop-bound e-commerce. The mobile web is the new normal – and if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Last year, mobile e-commerce accounted for nearly 40% of Black Friday sales, an impressive showing on what has long been a brick-and-mortar focused kickoff to the holiday rush. Adapt to the times by ensuring your site has a mobile responsive layout and follows best practices for mobile design.

Embrace Transparency
Even has e-commerce has evolved into a cornerstone of the digital economy, some consumers remain wary of buying online. One big reason? A lack of transparency on the part of online retailers. Studies show that hidden costs, confusing policies, and hard-to-find contact info are among the top factors leading to cart abandonment. Tackle this problem head-on by being honest and upfront about your pricing structures, shipping costs, return policies, and any other critical information that might guide customers’ decisions.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Security
With big data breaches making headlines on an all-too-frequent basis, data security has become a crucial issue for many consumers, and businesses must take heed. If people don’t trust your website to safeguard their data, you’ll face longshot odds in convincing them to make a purchase. Secure your site with a valid SSL certificate and post the corresponding trust seal where customers can see it. And make sure your security policy is easy to find – and easy to understand.

At Rosie’s Creative, we know what makes e-commerce tick. Whether you’re updating an existing site, or starting from scratch, we’ll work with you to build a site that positions your brand as trusted and professional – and sets up your business to make the most of e-commerce.

And, because a great website is just the beginning, we go further, helping you put together a well-rounded digital strategy that leverages the strengths of social media, email, and other essential marketing tools.

Want to learn more? Contact us today – your first consultation is always free!

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