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Exploring the Advantages of WordPress

Dynamic Websites for Dynamic Businesses.

In the Web’s early days, websites were simple and static, composed in a text editor and uploaded page by page to a web server by a solitary webmaster. But those days are long gone. The dynamic and complex websites of today rely on software called a content management system (CMS) to facilitate the collaborative editing and publishing of content. And of the various CMS to choose from, there’s none bigger than WordPress.

Launched in 2003 as a modest blogging platform, WordPress has since become the CMS of choice for countless bloggers, small businesses and nonprofits, and even some of the world’s biggest brands. According to the latest figures from tech survey firm W3Techs, about a third of the Web today is “Powered by WordPress.”

We at Rosie’s Creative use WordPress for the majority of our new website builds, and we can vouch for the power and versatility that have made it the dominant CMS on the market. Let’s look at a few advantages to using WordPress for your next web project…

Flexibility to Start, with Room for Growth
With thousands of themes available to customize your site’s layout and appearance, WordPress provides a robust foundation for a skilled designer to build a distinctive website custom-tailored to your needs. Extend your site’s functionality with a range of free and premium plugins that add features like e-commerce, social media integration, and much more.

WordPress also boasts impressive scalability – you can add hundreds or even thousands of pages to your site without compromising performance. This makes WordPress an outstanding choice for brands anticipating long-term growth.

A Professionally Designed Website You Can Maintain Yourself
WordPress features an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to add or modify content without having to find yourself elbow-deep in code. So, if you like, you can have a professional web designer handle the initial site build, then take it from there. It’s the best of both worlds.

WordPress also lets you assign different permission levels to different users. So, if you’ve got multiple people involved in site maintenance, you can give them different roles, controlling access as you see fit.

It’s Great for SEO and Blogging is Built In
WordPress structures your site’s content in an SEO-friendly way, creates clean and simple code that’s easy for search engines to read, and gives you control over SEO components on each page. And to allow even greater optimization, a variety of SEO-focused plugins are available.

Want to step up your SEO game even further by adding a blog to your site? No problem. Blogging functionality is built into every WordPress site by default – so, even if you don’t want a blog on your site right away, you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble if you decide to add one later.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can boost your marketing efforts and raise your brand’s profile with a new website built with WordPress, contact us at Rosie’s Creative today – and remember, with us, your first consultation is always free. Ready to get started? Contact Rosie’s Creative today.

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