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Time to Graduate? 5 Signs You’re Ready to Ditch Your DIY Website

You’re a Professional. Your Website Should Be, Too.

As web design and digital marketing have become key ingredients to any brand’s plan for success, the market has become crowded with do-it-yourself website building tools like Wix, Squarespace, and many others, offering a way to establish a quick and easy web presence at little cost.

While these tools are great for getting a website off the ground, to truly take flight and position your brand for long-term growth, you’ll eventually want to invest in a more professional web presence. But how can you tell when it’s time to “graduate” from a DIY site to one built by a pro? Here are 5 signs you’re ready to make the change…

Your Budget Has Increased
A major selling point of DIY site builders is that they provide an inexpensive way for brands on a tight budget to get a website up and running. But, as your business grows, and your budget along with it, upgrading to a professional website should be a top priority.

Your Needs are Evolving
The DIY option is terrific for simple, beginner websites – but if you need greater functionality from your site, such as social media integration, advanced e-commerce features, or a members-only section, you may find that your goals are beyond the capabilities of a DIY site builder. If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade!

You Want a Unique Look for Your Site
The upside to template-based DIY tools is that you don’t need design skill to jumpstart your web presence. The downside is, you’re likely to end up with a “cookie-cutter” look that’s shared by literally thousands of other websites! A professionally designed site helps you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

You’re Unhappy with Your Search Ranking
DIY site builders’ drag-and-drop tools can give you a foothold on the web with no coding or programming knowledge required, but they have a dirty secret – your site is likely to have gnarly, jumbled code “under the hood,” which is bad news for SEO. With a pro at the helm, you can expect a finished website that’s fully optimized for search.

You are Rebranding
A top-to-bottom rebrand is a big move, going far beyond aesthetics to affect every facet of your brand. So, if you’ve decided to make this move, it’s probably time to leave behind your DIY website too. A professionally designed site will convey value to your target audience and show that you’re serious about your new look.

Are you ready to move on from your DIY website, and “graduate” to a more polished, professional, and modern web presence? Rosie’s Creative is here to help. We’ll work with you to build a website that’s tailored to your needs and targeted to your unique audience, with the features and functionality needed to keep your brand relevant and competitive on today’s web.

Ready to get started? Contact Rosie’s Creative today.

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