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Old-School Marketing for 2019

That’s Yesterday’s News – Or Is It?

With 2018 now in the rear view, you’ve probably turned your attention to keeping your brand’s marketing fresh, current, and relevant as we settle into the new year. But what strategy is best? What tools are most effective?

Kicking off the year, it’s natural to focus on new strategies and cutting-edge solutions – but sometimes, our enthusiasm about the future leads us to believe these solutions are the only ones that matter. Print media, physical items, personal interaction? Those are yesterday’s news. Or so the popular narrative sometimes goes.

Clearly, we at Rosie’s Creative see the value in staying on top of new developments in technology and how they affect your brand. But we’d be remiss to overlook those classic, time-tested marketing methods that may not be the most buzzworthy, but are effective nonetheless.

Let’s look at a few of these timeless marketing tools that still get the job done in 2019…

Long before there was local SEO, small businesses used informative, eye-catching flyers to raise their profile and engage local audiences. A well-designed flyer can showcase your brand’s character through type, color, and imagery, all while delivering crucial information to your target audience. And modern production methods have made flyers (and other print collateral) more affordable and practical than ever for brands of all sizes.

While digital discount codes have become the go-to in today’s web-focused marketing, don’t dismiss the effectiveness of old-fashioned print coupons as a marketing tool. A way to add value to flyers, brochures, or mailers, coupons can boost brand visibility by giving potential customers a nudge towards visiting your store or website. Or, package them with purchases to reinforce brand loyalty among your existing customer base.

Business Cards
There’s nothing like an elegantly designed business card to project an image of competence, credibility, and professionalism – which is why this is one old-school marketing tool that’s unlikely to ever go out of style. A business card is a pocket-sized visual representation of your brand that literally puts all the relevant details about your business right into a potential customer’s hands.

Product Demos
Videos showcasing new products are a staple of web marketing – but a video is no substitute for really being there. Yes, some upfront cost is involved, but if it fits into your budget, a live product demonstration is an outstanding way to engage with people, disseminate information and make sales, all in real time. To maximize ROI, set up shop at an event where your target audience will be out in force.

Word of Mouth
And of course, there’s always good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing. After all, modes of communication might change over time, but the critical importance of generating real, organic conversation about your brand will never diminish. Indeed, with more consumers expressing skepticism about traditional advertising, maximizing word of mouth referrals is becoming more critical than ever.

Are you ready to take on 2019 with a custom-tailored, results-focused marketing plan that combines proven, time-tested strategies with the latest tools and trends? Contact us at Rosie’s Creative today.

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