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Holiday Marketing Tips: Putting Best Practices Into Action

Tis The Season for Stressful Marketing Strategies – Or Is It? 

The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration… but, for small businesses, this festive time can also bring great stress, as competition goes into overdrive and marketing strategies are put to the test.

This can be a stressful time of year for your customers, too. They’re busy and distracted by the hustle and bustle of the season – not to mention, besieged by marketing messages from countless brands. To break through and achieve success with your own marketing efforts, it’s vital that your game plan is sound, and your tactics and messaging are on point.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your marketing on target this holiday season…

Deliver Valuable Content – Not Just Another Sales Pitch
Sure, you want to get your brand out there, but take care not to turn off potential customers by being too aggressive during what is already a hectic time. This is where your content marketing can truly shine. Instead of brute force selling appeals, use your marketing channels to deliver content that has real value to your audience – think gift guides, holiday recipes, or helpful blog articles.

Target Bargain-Hunters with “Can’t Miss” Deals
During the holiday shopping rush, consumers are trying to stretch their dollar and maximize their purchasing power by seeking out the best deals on coveted items. Grab their attention by offering deep discounts, free or reduced shipping rates, or product giveaways with qualifying purchases. Create a sense of urgency and capitalize on FOMO (fear of missing out) by promoting special, limited-time offers.

Synergize Social Media and Email Marketing
Social media is a mobile-friendly marketing method that’s all about the here and now; email is a time-tested workhorse that’s central to any brand’s long-term marketing strategy. During the holidays, use both to provide interesting and engaging content to your target audience. Use social media to boost brand awareness and encourage interested customers to join your email list – you’ll see results and reap benefits in the year to come!

Raise Your Profile with Seasonal SEO
Consumers today look to the Web as the first stop on their holiday shopping journey, a source of information and a place to conduct research and narrow down gift options. So, it’s only natural that boosting your website’s visibility and driving traffic should be a top priority during the holidays. Seasonal blog posts, holiday-themed landing pages, and web copy that incorporates holiday-specific keywords can help your site stand out and generate sales.

The bottom line is this – to maximize success with holiday marketing, you’ve got to put best practices into action, while remaining mindful and respectful of your customers’ needs and motivations. Provide solutions, not stress. Give customers deals they can’t refuse. And make the most of time-tested strategies that are winners throughout the year.

Need a hand with your marketing strategy this holiday season? Contact us at Rosie’s Creative today.

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