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Making the Most of the Holiday Season (Even If It’s Your Slow Season)

Leverage Your Slow Season “Down Time” to Build Strong Relationships.

For many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, as customers embark on their annual quest to delight family and friends with the perfect holiday gifts. But not every business gets a boost from the holiday rush.

Here in our Central Maryland community, we know plenty of businesses that enjoy their peak season in summer – meaning that the holidays fall squarely in the middle of their slow season. We’re often asked, what’s the best way for such businesses to navigate the holidays?

Well, the good news is, even if your sales might drop off in winter, your customers’ level of engagement with digital media does not. So, with a smart digital marketing strategy, you can stay connected with your target audience even if it’s your off-season. What’s more, with effective time management, you can maximize productivity during the winter slowdown, positioning your business for year-round success.

Here are just a few tips for getting the most out of the holiday season – even if it’s your slow season:

Stay the course with your social media and email marketing.
These are terrific ways to keep your customers informed and ensure that engagement with your brand remains steady, and they’re also perfectly suited for the brisk pace of the holiday rush.

Offer holiday specials, such as gift certificates sold at a discount, or “early bird” rates for services that can be booked in advance.
You’ll generate revenue (and maybe some word of mouth, too) during the slow season, while locking in business for summer.

Be productive in your down time.
Consider it an opportunity to get a head start on your marketing strategy for next summer. Brainstorm ideas, develop marketing collateral, work on content for your website or blog in advance of publication. When business picks up again, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Step back and take stock.
The end of the year is a good time to reflect, on both your marketing efforts and your business altogether. What worked? What didn’t? Where do you see room for improvement? Answer these questions, and you’re on your way to charting a course for success in the year to come.

One last piece of advice? Enjoy the holidays! Get some rest, connect with loved ones, and take the time to celebrate all that this festive time of year has to offer.

For further help with your marketing, during the holidays or throughout the year, feel free to contact us here at Rosie’s Creative.

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