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Last Call for Website Security Compliance

October is “Last Call” for Website Security Compliance
Google Will Begin Blacklisting Websites without SSL

In an effort to warn web users about risky web connections, Google Chrome now identifies websites that do not use the encrypted HTTPS protocol as “Not Secure,” marking them with a danger icon. If you’re a regular reader of the Rosie’s Creative blog, you probably saw our most recent update about how plain, unsecured HTTP is being overtaken by the more secure, encrypted HTTPS as the new standard on the Web.

But you may still be wondering, what does this mean for me, and how urgent is it that my website be transitioned to HTTPS?

The fact is that there is truly no time to waste. If your site deals with sensitive customer data, you need to make the switch to a secure HTTPS connection, backed by an SSL certificate, as soon as possible! The newest version of Google Chrome, to be introduced this October, will require websites with any kind of text input whatsoever to have an SSL certificate – otherwise, they will be marked as “Not Secure.”

Google has already started to blacklist some unsecured websites, and this will only continue. This isn’t just a matter of more secured sites getting a slight SEO boost…. Soon, unsecured websites will be practically invisible in Google searches, as they are stricken from search results entirely. That’s correct, if your website’s not secure, it could literally disappear from Google’s search results.

If you still have any unresolved questions about this issue and whether it affects your website, it’s imperative that you contact us at Rosie’s Creative today. Click Here or Call Us at (443) 538-4998.

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