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Social Media Marketing 101: The “Big Three” of Social Media

Getting to Know the “Big Three” of Social Media?

With social media having more influence on public conversation with each passing year, it is quickly becoming essential for brands to maintain high visibility on social networking sites to connect with their target audiences. But with so many social networks out there, brands starting from the ground up face a daunting task in playing catch-up. Where to begin?

It’s true that there has been a proliferation of social networks in recent years. And not every social networking site will be a fit for every brand. That said, a good starting point is to establish a robust presence on the three biggest social media platforms that combine a healthy share of the market with a broad and varied user base – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s take a closer look at the “big three” of social media, and how each can be used to boost your brand’s profile online.

With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is the undisputed market leader among social networking platforms. And with about four in five internet-connected adults in the U.S. using Facebook, it has broad reach across demographic groups. Whatever audience you’re trying to reach, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to reach them by establishing and maintaining a presence on Facebook, making it an absolute must for brands striving to be found online today.

Known for its 140-character limit and its use of hashtags within posts, Twitter’s format keeps content focused while allowing you to expand your audience. Being active on Twitter is also a terrific way to build brand loyalty, since it’s a platform that provides excellent opportunities for direct interaction with followers. Use this interaction to build a stronger bond with your customers, or give superior service with prompt replies to people’s questions or concerns.

Mobile-focused and image-oriented, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks today, and boasts a much higher level of user engagement per post compared to other social media platforms. Its format rewards bold, attention-grabbing visual content. And, as with Twitter, you can incorporate hashtags into your posts, letting you reach a wider audience that is looking for content like yours, and gain new followers.

Ready to start building a social media strategy for your brand? Rosie’s Creative is here to help. So go ahead, contact us today – and remember, your first consultation with us is always free.


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