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More Than a Website: The “Nuts and Bolts” of Online Marketing

More Than Just Pieces.

When you hear the phrase “online marketing,” what comes to mind? A website? An email newsletter? Maybe a viral video or a hashtag campaign?

The truth is that online marketing is all of these things and more. There’s no “one size fits all” strategy that meets the marketing needs of every business or nonprofit; tools and techniques that deliver fantastic results for one brand might be a terrible fit for another. To achieve success, you’ve got to set clear goals regarding who it is you’re trying to reach, and exactly what you hope to accomplish with your marketing strategy.

It’s true that a fully functional, beautifully designed website is essential to any online marketing strategy, but a website is just the first step. From branding and graphic design, to content writing, social media, email marketing, e-commerce, video, and more, online marketing encompasses a range of elements that brands should take into consideration – and how you will use each of these elements, if at all, depends on your unique objectives.

For instance, when you’re populating your website with content, is your intent to persuade? Inform? How sophisticated should the language be? Is email marketing a good fit for your target audience? How about social media marketing, and if so, which specific platforms should you focus your efforts on? To answer these questions, you’ve got to know your audience, and you need to be able to define specific goals for your marketing efforts.

With so many variables to consider, online marketing might seem like an intimidating task. With an experienced, knowledgeable partner like Rosie’s Creative, it doesn’t have to be. We understand the nuts and bolts of online marketing, and we know how to analyze your goals and your target audience to determine the right combination of marketing collateral to help you tell your story, and allow your great ideas to take flight.

It’s time to get started. Contact Rosie’s Creative today.

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