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Let’s Go Live: A Fresh Perspective on Video Marketing

Live Video Builds Immediate Connections

By now, you’re surely aware that video has become a popular way for brands to connect with customers online, and with good reason. It’s a powerful storytelling tool that engages the senses and speaks to people on an emotional level.

But the traditional model of digital video marketing – short clips, planned and shot with care, meticulously stitched together into a controlled and scripted final product – isn’t the only way you can use video to promote your brand online. Thanks to advances in mobile technology and network speeds, live streamed video is surging in both popularity and practicality. Live streaming combines the emotional impact of video with the organic immediacy of the social web, making it a fine complement to any video marketing strategy.

Using live streaming to tell your story means you’ll need to be willing to give up just a little bit of control. After all, the key word here is “live,” and you can’t script live events. But the reward is the potential to build a stronger connection with your audience. Live streaming has a more genuine, spontaneous feel than traditional video marketing, and allows for greater audience engagement and live feedback.

Some of the applications for live streaming include…

Q&A Sessions: Get to know your customers! These are great opportunities for audience engagement.

Major Announcements: Opening a new location? Introducing a new product? Make an event of it with a live announcement!

Special Events: Maybe you’re hosting a noteworthy guest speaker, or having a fundraiser. Share it with a wider audience by live streaming the event.

Demonstrations: Show your product or service in action! Make it interactive by taking comments and questions in real time.

Behind the Scenes Access: Give your audience a taste of “a day in the life” at your business or nonprofit.

So, if you’re willing to think a little outside the box and embrace a fresh perspective on video, consider the ways that live streaming could fit into your digital marketing strategy.

Ready to go live? Then let’s get started. Contact Rosie’s Creative today.

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