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Holiday Marketing Tips from Rosie’s Creative

Holiday Marketing Tips from Rosie’s Creative

Here are some quick tips from Rosie’s Creative to help boost your holiday numbers! Whether you’re in sales, fundraising, or building brand awareness, holiday marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

holidayicon1Holiday Email Marketing Helps You to Stand Out

Email marketing is a great tool for increasing sales and strengthening your brand. You’d be remiss not to take advantage of it. Most of us still check in and read up on relevant and timely content during the holidays. Show your audience that your brand can have fun and be festive by offering special holiday offers to celebrate.

Want to get started on your DIY holiday marketing? Constant Contact is the perfect tool for getting started on your own. Sign up below to start putting together your own newsletter campaign.

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holidayicon2Seasonal Videos See Big Gains

Use video to sell your product, to increase brand awareness, or even to ask for donations. When you use a video ad instead of a regular ad on social media, you’ll see a 30-60% increase in engagement. Doesn’t that mean it’s worth the extra work? It’s even more affordable now than it ever was before. Try it during this holiday season and get your holiday marketing in at the same time!




 holidayicon3Dress Up Your Social Campaigns

The holidays are also the best time to start looking at your social media engagement. You can work to increase that engagement by using seasonal graphics – most audiences like to see a lot of pictures! You should also make sure to schedule your social media posts, so that they appear on news feeds during the times of day when most people are active on the different platforms. Another great way to increase your reach is to create social media ads, which will appear to those who may have never heard of your business, and if done right, might make them curious enough to click over and learn more about you!

Need some help running your social media? Rosie’s can do it for you!


holidayicon4Give Your Website a Holiday Tune-Up

Boost your traffic numbers with an SEO tune-up this holiday season, so that you can be more easily found through popular search engines. Another great way to ensure that your audience can find you is by updating your site regularly.

That means keeping up with your WordPress and Woocommerce updates, while also updating graphics and landing pages for holiday sales. Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations can update their website to collect holiday donations. The more you update your site, the better your chances of reaching your audience.



The holiday season is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right strategy, and the right marketing partner, we can make it easy and even fun!

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