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Holiday Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

iconpThe holiday shopping season is now upon us, and retailers big and small are using every trick in the online marketing toolbox to connect with customers and generate sales. But it isn’t only retailers and other for-profit businesses that can take advantage of online marketing strategies this holiday season. If you operate a non-profit organization, you can benefit from these strategies as well.

Because it’s not just the shopping season – it’s also the giving season. Accompanying the surge in retail sales during the holidays is an increase in charitable giving, as many people who are inclined to make big donations to non-profits will do so at this time of year. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some strategies for online marketing that your non-profit organization can use to power its fundraising efforts this holiday season…


Cast a wide net using social media. Create shareable content to promote events, solicit donations, and recruit volunteers, all while broadening your audience and spreading awareness of your organization and its mission.

Put your best foot forward on the Web with a clean, mobile-friendly website that acts as an informative and user-friendly hub for your organization’s online activity. Consider adding a blog and updating it regularly to engage your audience with fresh content.

Target your core audience with email marketing. An email newsletter can be another great way to keep people engaged with your organization, so long as your audience perceives it as having real value, and not just as a vehicle for soliciting donations. Studies have shown email marketing to be one of the most cost-effective methods of online marketing, making it especially valuable to budget-conscious non-profits.

Use video as a call to action. Video is a medium that excels at evoking emotion, which drives people to act – to donate, volunteer, or spread your organization’s message on your behalf. And with powerful video-making technologies becoming more widespread and affordable, video is a much more cost-effective option than you might realize!


iconpRemember, the holidays aren’t just the shopping season, but the giving season, too. So if you’re looking to give your non-profit organization a boost, don’t let retailers reap all the benefits of online marketing this holiday. Consider using these strategies to reach more people, raise more funds, and spread the word about the good work you do.

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