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Completion Date

January 2021

Services Performed

Custom Product Label
Product Packaging Design
Custom Illustrations and Color Branding

Project Description

Twisted Teahouse is a unique tea boutique that specializes in hosting English style tea parties with a twist – their teas are all herbal. They boast both a tea boutique in historic Savage Mill and a custom, made to order, online bakery. They enlisted Rosie’s Creative to provide custom designed labels for their signature teas for online sale and delivery. The goal was to bring their teas to customers at home, with packaging imagery that would reflect their company’s preferred branding and aesthetic.

Rosie’s Creative took our cue from the Twisted Teas logo, which features a stylized teacup, as the basis for the background illustration on each tea label, and also featured the logo as a focal point on each label. Working with the client to establish color preferences that relate well with each tea blend, we created a uniform set of labels with color and copy specialized to each individual blend, providing a unifying element of design while highlighting the unique profile of each offering. We used a combination of classic sans serif and swirling script fonts to invoke the creativity and whimsy of the company’s branding while ensuring that legibility would be preserved.


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