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Galaxy Donuts Custom Illustrated Product Boxes

Completion Date

April 2020

Services Performed

Custom Product Packaging
Custom Illustrations
Custom Design & Layout

Project Description

I’m the Chef Too! is a company that blends food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun in a kitchen setting. Rosie’s Creative created their website in 2017, and has provided marketing support work as part of an ongoing and evolving campaign. The company updated its website and branding this year as part of a comprehensive plan to branch out into selling kits for online purchase, and they needed an attractive box for shipping and presenting kit materials.

The goal was to create a box layout design that would allow space for all kit components, ship easily at standard rates, and remain flexible across multiple kit types to represent the company branding as well as each specialized kit’s features. Rosie’s Creative used information from the product discovery process to create a layout design and establish branding groundwork for the box series. Through our development process, we identified the core aspects of branding to include in the box design, as well as optimal materials, appearance, and dimensions. The layout design process involved multiple rounds of prototypes to ensure that dimensions, appearance, and utility fit the needs of various kits. The initial offering, Galaxy Donuts, featured a rocket ship and donuts floating in outer space on the front of the box, with the I’m the Chef Too name, logo, and slogan prominently framing the kit name. Nutrition Facts and a friendly kit feature list were placed on the two side panels, with a basic kit introduction and a fun maze activity on the back panel. The goal was to engage young chefs in a similar manner to a cereal box, while providing user-friendly details and professional branding to promote confidence in customers.


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