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Howard County Education Federal Credit Union

Completion Date

March 2020

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design

Project Description

The Howard County Education Federal Credit Union is a credit union whose clients are largely elementary education professionals. Rosie’s Creative built their current website in 2011. Their old logo was brand new at the time, but the look and feel were beginning to look dated by 2020. The logo needed to be updated to reflect modern sensibilities, as well as making it more professional and appealing to their clients.

The goal was to create a modern and relatable logo with the feel of something that might be seen on an elementary school classroom bulletin board, without feeling overly juvenile or patronizing. We retained the elements that made the original design friendly and relatable – the Money Bee with dollar sign antennae and the honeycomb – but made it more social media friendly, with a design that works well in a variety of formats and sizes. The bee-themed color scheme of shades of yellow with black accents was also retained. This logo update was done as the opening round of work within the context of a larger project for the credit union, including an updated ADA compliant website with forward-thinking mobile-first responsiveness.

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